withinUs TruOrganic® MCT Jar

  • As the pioneers of sustainable natural health products, we are proud to offer a COMPOSTABLE POUCH for our TruOrganic™ MCT oil powder.


  • Made from sustainable, Non-GMO, & bio-based materials.
  • This is NOT your typical “biodegradable” pouch.
  • Typical bio-pouches are often made from petroleum-based plastics with enzyme additives to accelerate degradation. While these may degrade faster than traditional plastics, they are not decomposing; they break down into smaller and smaller pieces, becoming microplastics polluting our water and food.
  • “Biodegradable” is a catch-all term and does NOT have the same meaning as “compostable.” The term, “biodegradable” is misleading to consumers and falsifies the belief the item is made from organic matter and therefore compostable. This is not the case.
  • withinUs™ has chosen compostable materials that are verified by a third party to be home compostable, industrial compostable or both. This is where our compostable pouch’s pre-life cycle truly shines as it is produced using renewable, bio-based materials, which means it’s designed to break down faster than other materials without leaving harmful residues behind.


  • 150g withinUs TruOrganic™ MCT Oil Powder
  • Gluten Free, Caffeine free, No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Certified Organic MCT Oil powder
  • C8 & C10 Caprylic acid & Capric acid
  • Neutral taste easy to incorporate into your daily routine


  • Derived from ethically sourced, organic coconuts
  • Rapidly digested and converted into energy for the brain and body
  • Not stored as fat in the body
  • Powder form is easier on the digestive system(rather than oil)
  • Neutral taste
  • Premium grade
  • Vegan
  • Keto friendly


  • withinUs™ TruOrganic™ MCT Oil Powder is a certified organic MCT oil powder sourced ethically from 100% young, organic coconuts. This product also contains gut-supportive prebiotic acacia.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) are healthy fats that bypass the digestive system. MCTs are naturally found in coconut oil and are quickly digested, absorbed and converted into energy for the body and brain instead of being stored as fat in the body. Our sustainable and ethically sourced MCT oil powder has a neutral taste and is easily digested. It is clean, pure source of quick fuel, contains no additives or preservatives, and has zero net carbs.



Organic MCT Oil Powder, Organic Acacia Fibre  

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